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'Mark Wakely's wide-ranging meditation on "house", "home", "shelter", richly allusive as it is, never moves so far from the personal as to lose contact with what is passionately physical and down-to-earth. Like so much of the best writing about space it is also a left-handed autobiography.'  
- David Malouf

"... Mark Wakely has written what will hopefully be remembered as a landmark book in Australian architectural history. ... Dream Home is highly recommended to those with a professional interest in architecture and planning, and will certainly also be of interest to readers of quirky/serious non-fiction authors like Simon Winchester, Mark Kurlansky and Henry Petroski."
* * * * * (Five stars denotes "an exceptional book of the very highest quality, regardless of genre).
- Australian Bookseller and Publisher's advance review by Tim Coronol, assistant editor AB&P.

"The book is the natural successor to Robin Boyd's 1952 classic, Australia's Home." - Helen Elliot, The Weekend Australian.

"An engaging and thought-provoking read." - Cyndi Tebbel, Domain, Sydney Morning Herald.

"A fast and fascinating read, Dream Home is a good advertisement for Wakely's ability to communicate weighty ideas and information in a breezy and human style. ... it's likely to raise most readers' knowledge about home-making to a higher platform of creative thought." - Davina Jackson. Architecture Australia, May/June. 2003

"Wakely's book looks hard at the relationship between architect and client. But it goes further. He wants people to think more deeply about what a home really is. To move away from the glossy magazines view - promoted by columns like this - that the house is just a 'resaleable commodity'." - Robert Harley, 'Capital Gains' in The Weekend Australian Financial Review, 17-18 May 2003.